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Ph.D., Bio-Engineering/ Applied Biological Sciences, Ghent University, Belgium

M.S., Bio-Engineering/ Environmental Technology, Ghent University, Belgium

B.A., Bio-Engineering/ Environmental Technology, Ghent University, Belgium


  • Molecular & Environmental Toxicology
  • Standard & Regulatory Chemical Screening & Testing
  • Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

Tim Verslycke, Ph.D.


Dr. Verslycke has 15 years of combined consulting and academic research experience in ecological risk assessment.  He speaks regularly at scientific conferences on this and other topics, and has authored more than 30 peer-reviewed journal articles.  His areas of expertise include evaluating environmental risks at contaminated sites; conducting environmental hazard and risk assessments of endocrine disruptors, pharmaceuticals and personal care products, pesticides, and other industrial chemicals; green chemistry and sustainability; and regulatory ecotoxicity testing.  Dr. Verslycke also holds an academic position in the Biology Department at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Woods Hole, MA).  He is currently on the Steering Committee of SETAC’s Global Pharmaceutical Advisory Group (PAG) and the Endocrine Disrupter Testing and Risk Assessment Advisory Group (EDTRA).  He is a former President of the SETAC North Atlantic Chapter (NACSETAC).  He is also a former scientific advisor to the Center for Health and Environment of the Flanders Regional Government (Belgium) and a former member of the scientific committee of the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ, Belgium).

Representative Projects

Site Environmental Risk Assessments:  Conducted environmental risk assessments at numerous US and international industrial sites.

Environmental Stewardship:  For multiple global companies, developed methods to compile, score, and rank hazards associated with their products.

Pharmaceutical Environmental Risk Assessments:  For multiple pharmaceutical companies, evaluated the environmental risk associated with the societal use of their products, compliant with either European (EMA) or US (FDA) risk assessment guidelines.  As part of several assessments, oversaw the collection of additional environmental fate and toxicity test data.

Pharmaceutical Safety Screening:  At the request of a global pharmaceutical company, developed environmental risk assessment screening protocols for their active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

Regulatory Comment:  On behalf of companies, trade associations, and non-profits, provided comments on proposed regulations, such as revisions to the CT's Remedial Standard Regulations, NY's proposed regulation for hydraulic fracturing, and San Juan County's (WA) proposed revisions to critical ordinances for wetlands and fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas.

Endocrine Disruptor Assay Development: At the request of a pharmaceutical company, developed a targeted in vitro screening assay to evaluate the potential estrogenicity of their products.  For the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sea Grant program, developed in vitro assays to evaluate the presence and potential effects of pesticides in Cape Cod coastal waters.

Endocrine Disruptors: Served as co-author and lead technical expert on the Integrated Summary Report (ISR) of the Invertebrate (Mysid) Two-Generation Toxicity Test being proposed as a Tier 2 testing assay under US EPA’s Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program.

Selected Publications

Verslycke, T; Reid, K; Bowers, T; Thakali, S; Lewis, A; Sanders, J; Tuck, D.  2014. "The Chemistry Scoring Index (CSI): A hazard-based scoring and ranking tool for chemicals and products used in the oil and gas industry." Sustainability 6 : 3993-4009.

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Verslycke, TA; Vethaak, AD; Arijs, K; Janssen, CR.  2005. "Flame retardants, surfactants and organotins in sediment and mysid shrimp of the Scheldt estuary (The Netherlands)." Environ. Pollut. 136 : 19-31.

Verslycke, TA; Fockedey, N; McKenney, CL Jr.; Roast, SD; Jones, MB; Mees, J; Janssen, CR.  2004. "Mysid crustaceans as potential test organisms for the evaluation of environmental endocrine disruption: A review." Environ. Toxicol. Chem. 23 : 1219-1234.