Monday, November 10

The Chemistry Scoring Index (CSI) and other Hazard Ranking Tools: Comparing Objectives and Approach

Download PDFKim Reid, Tim Verslycke, Teresa Bowers, Ari Lewis, Johnny Sanders, Denise Tuck

Characterizing Wildlife Exposure-Response Relationships Using Benchmark Dose Analysis: Comparing and Integrating Models

Download PDFDan Skall, Dave Mayfield

Human Health Risk Assessment of Triclosan in Land-Applied Biosolids

Download PDFTim Verslycke, Dave Mayfield, Jade Tabony, Marie Capdevielle, Brian Slezak

GHS Hazard Assessment of CAS Number-Specific Compounds with Variable Composition – A Comprehensive Approach

Download PDFJiaru Zhang, Ari Lewis, Kim Reid

Tuesday, November 11

PAH-Contaminated Sediments: Remediation Challenges

Download PDFJulie Lemay, Kurt Herman, Dave Mayfield, Tim Verslycke

Wednesday, November 12

A Literature Review of Inorganic Arsenic in Seafood and Its Implication in Dietary Intake Analyses

Download PDFGrace Greenberg, Heather Lynch, Ari Lewis


Monday, November 10 – 3:20 PM, Room 109

Characterizing Wildlife Exposure-Response Relationships Using Benchmark Dose Analysis: Exploring Effect Endpoints and Dose-Metrics

Dave Mayfield, Dan Skall

Thursday, November 13 – 10:20 AM, Room 110

Regulatory Multi-Generational Testing: The Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program Experience

Tim Verslycke

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