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Gradient's scientific insight helps clients resolve environmental insurance cost recovery claims. Our knowledge of the historical evolution of waste management practices, environmental science, and regulations is pivotal for understanding expected/intended issues in these cases. We have experience with the research and forensic reconstruction of historical operations and release events for a wide range of industry sectors, from rocket testing to power plants. In addition, our expertise in environmental forensics and contaminant fate and transport are useful for addressing issues related to release timing in these matters.

Some examples of industry expertise:

  • Manufactured gas
  • Paper mills
  • PCB manufacturing
  • Electrical equipment
  • Solvents
  • Glassmaking
  • Mining
  • Smelting
  • Recycling

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Example Projects

Herbicide Fate and Transport for an Insurance Claim

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Gradient evaluated the relationship between historical applications of an herbicide and recent detections in groundwater and surface water throughout the US. We developed a conceptual framework for evaluating herbicide movement in the environment subsequent to application and illustrated the extent to which applications can contribute to detections in groundwater and surface water 10-50 years after application.

Dating the Release of an Oil Spill

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Gradient evaluated the likely timing and source of an oil spill at a former paper mill under deconstruction. Using site-specific data and physical/chemical properties of fuel oil, we developed heat transfer and dynamic fluid flow models to estimate the timing and flow of oil from a breached piping system in the mill.

Insurance Cost Recovery for Mining Waste Remediation

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Gradient evaluated the timing and magnitude of historical erosion and deposition of mining wastes. We integrated observations from historical photos, first-hand accounts, air modeling, and prior sampling data to develop a robust interpretation of the timing of erosion from early mining operations to the present day.

Cost Recovery for a Utility Company

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Gradient provided both expert and 30(b)(6) deposition testimony on behalf of a utility company to explain manufactured gas and power plant operations, electrical operations, and technical issues related to site contamination. Gradient's comprehensive knowledge of these areas provided insight and clarity on causation and timing in the context of contemporaneous standards.