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Gradient Presenting at the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) 2016 Annual Meeting

Gradient scientists will present at the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) Annual Meeting in San Diego, California taking place December 11-15, 2016.  Presentations include: 

  • "A Toxicologist's View of Alternatives Assessment: Challenges and Opportunities." T. Lewandowski
  • "Comparison of Risk-Based Concentrations Derived for Pesticides in Drinking Water with US EPA Human Health Benchmarks." R. Mattuck
  • "Improving Ecological Risk Assessment by Embracing Benchmark Dose Analysis." D. Mayfield, D. Skall
  • "Incorporating, Mapping, and Communicating Uncertainty in Geospatial Risk Analysis to Support Informed Decisions."  M. Mayo, S. Ikeda.
  • "Nanoscale Substances in Food:  Small Materials Raise Big Questions." J. Cohen
  • "Screening for Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity Hazards in the Workplace." D. Dodge, T. Lewandowski
  • "Symposium: Risk-Based Approaches for the Safety of Food and Dietary Supplements." E. Dubé.