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"Insight: Geographic Information Systems For Environmental Litigation" Published in BNA Environment and Energy Report

Two Gradient scientists were published in BNA Environment and Energy Report on September 18, 2018.  Read "Insight: Geographic Information Systems For Environmental Litigation"

Matthew J. Mayo, M.S., GISP, CPG, P.G., is a senior GIS/environmental scientist at Gradient, an environmental and risk sciences consulting firm. He is a certified Geographic Information System (GIS) professional and licensed professional geoscientist with expertise in GIS database construction and analysis, 2D and 3D spatial modeling, and remote sensing. His work focuses on analyzing imagery and GIS data for projects related to hydrology, exposure assessment, cost allocation, historical operations, and contaminant fate and transport. He has been retained as an expert in aerial and satellite imagery and GIS data analysis for clients involved in environmental litigation.

Maggie Pollock, M.S., is a senior environmental scientist at Gradient who specializes in quantitative data analysis, data coding, and database development to support a wide range of environmental projects including hazard assessment, exposure assessment, cost estimation, and historical operations. She has been instrumental in developing interactive information management tools to summarize literature reviews and to streamline information collected in toxic tort litigation.