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Lewis, AS; Beyer, LA; Langlois,, CJ; Yu, CJ; Wait, AD. 2008

Considerations in toxicology study design and interpretation: An overview.

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Kostecki, P; Behbehani, M; Langlois, C; eds.. 2004

Proceedings of the First International Congress on Petroleum Contaminated Soils, Sediments and Water: Analysis, Assessment and Remediation, held August 14-17, 2001, Imperial College, London.

Langlois, C. 2003

Backgrounder on childrens environmental health research centers.

J. Child. Health 1:108-119.

Langlois, C; Garreffi, JA; Baldwin, LA; Calabrese, EJ. 1995

The effect of combined exposures of chlorite, copper and nitrite on methemoglobin formation in red blood cells of Dorset sheep.

Toxicology and Risk Assessment: Principles, Methods and Applications. (Eds.: Fan, AM; Chang, LW), Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York

Langlois, C; Calabrese, EJ. 1992

The interactive effect of chlorite, nitrite and copper on methemoglobin formation in red blood cells of Dorset sheep.

Hum. Exp. Toxicol. 11:223-228.