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Flewelling, SA; Sharma, M; Merrill, DE; Lewis, AS; Rominger, JT. 2015

Evaluation of Human Health Risks Via Drinking Water for Spills of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids.

Presented at American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Annual Convention 2015, Denver, Colorado, May 31-June 3

Merrill, D. 2012

Hydraulic fracturing: Science and perceptions.

Gradient Trends - Risk Science & Application 55:1-2.

Merrill, DE; Drivas, PJ; Butler, EL; Jegadeesan, GB. 2011

Determination of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) release timeframe using weathered congener and homolog fingerprints and a multicomponent evaporation model.

Environ. Forensics 12:35-48.

Nascarella, M; Merrill, D. 2010

Radiation risk assessment.

Gradient Trends - Risk Science & Application 47:1-2.

Merrill, D. 2010

REACH's long arm.

Gradient Trends - Risk Science & Application 48:1-2.

Cohen, JT; Bowers, TS; Lampson, DW; Lampson, MA; Merrill, DE. 1997

Quantification of exposure area cleanup thresholds when contaminant levels are uncertain.

Presented at the American Statistical Association Joint Statistical Meeting, Anaheim, CA.

Li, W; Merrill, DE; Haith, DA. 1990

Loading functions for pesticide runoff.

Res. J. Water Pollut. Cont. Fed. 62:16-26.