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Lewis, A; Bittner, A; Radloff, K; Hensel, B. 2017

Storage of coal combustion products in the United States: Perspectives on potential human health and environmental risks.

In Coal Combustion Products (CCP's): Characteristics, Utilization and Beneficiation. (Eds.: Robl, T; Oberlink, A; Jones, R), Woodhead Publishing, Duxford, United Kingdom

Radloff, KA; Zheng, Y; Stute, M; Weinman, B; Bostick, B; Mihajlov, I; Bounds, M; Rahman, MM; Huq, MR; Ahmed, KM; Schlosser, P; van Geen, A. 2016

Reversible adsorption and flushing of arsenic in a shallow, Holocene aquifer of Bangladesh.

Appl. Geochem.

Mladenov, N; Zheng, Y; Simone, B; Bilinski, TM; McKnight, DM; Nemergut, D; Radloff, KA; Rahman, MM; Ahmed, KM. 2015

Dissolved organic matter quality in a shallow aquifer of Bangladesh: Implications for arsenic mobility.

Environ. Sci. Technol. 49:10815-10824.

van Geen, A; Bostick, BC; Trang, PTK; Lan, VM; Mai, NN; Manh, PD; Viet, PH; Radloff, K; Aziz, Z; Mey, JL; Stahl, MO; Harvey, CF; Oates, P; Weinman, B; Stengel, C; Frei, F; Kipfer, R; Berg, M. 2013

Retardation of arsenic transport through a Pleistocene aquifer.

Nature 501:204-207.

Legg, TM; Zhen, Y; Simone, B; Radloff, KA; Mladenov, N; Gonzalez, A; Knights, D; Siu, HC; Rahman, MM; Ahmed, KM; McKnight, DM; Nemergut, DR. 2012

Carbon, metals, and grain size correlate with bacterial community structure in sediments of a high arsenic aquifer.

Front. Microbiol. 3:82.

Dhar, RK; Zheng, Y; Saltikov, CW; Radloff, KA; Mailloux, BJ; Ahmed, KM; van Geen, A. 2011

Microbes enhance mobility of arsenic in Pleistocene aquifer sand from Bangladesh.

Environ. Sci. Technol. 45:2648-2654.

Radloff, KA; Zheng, Y; Michael, HA; Stute, M; Bostick, BC; Mihajlov, I; Bounds, M; Huq, MR; Choudhury, I; Rahman, MW; Schlosser, P; Ahmed, KM; van Geen, A. 2011

Arsenic migration to deep groundwater in Bangladesh influenced by adsorption and water demand.

Nat. Geosci. 4:793-798.

Radloff, KA; Manning, AM; Mailloux, BJ; Zheng, Y; Rahman, MM; Huq, MR; Ahmed, KM; van Geen, A. 2008

Considerations for conducting incubations to study the mechanisms of As release in reducing groundwater aquifers.

Appl. Geochem. 23:3224-3235.

van Geen, A; Radloff, KA; Aziz, Z; Cheng, ZQ; Huq, MR; Ahmed, KM; Weinman, B; Goodbred, S; Jung, HB; Zheng, Y; Berg, M; Trang, PTK; Charlet, L; Metral, J; Tisserand, D; Guillot, S; Chakraborty, S; Gajurel, AP; Upreti, BN. 2008

Comparison of arsenic concentrations in simultaneously-collected groundwater and aquifer particles from Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, and Nepal.

Appl. Geochem. 23:3244-3251.

Radloff, KA; Cheng, ZQ; Rahman, MW; Ahmed, KM; Mailloux, BJ; Juhl, AR; Schlosser, P; van Geen, A. 2007

Mobilization of arsenic during one-year incubations of grey aquifer sands from Araihazar, Bangladesh.

Environ. Sci. Technol. 41:3639-3645.