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Noble, AE; Tuit, CB; Maney, JP; Wait, AD. 2020

A review of marine water sampling methods for trace metals.

Environ. Forensics

Wait, AD; Tuit, CB; Maney, JP. 2020

Forensic sampling practices for oil spills in the marine environment.

Environ. Forensics

Tuit, CB; Wait, AD. 2020

A review of marine sediment sampling methods.

Environ. Forensics

Rice, J; Lewandowski, T; Wait, AD. 2019

Safety of cannabis-infused edibles remains hazy.

Gradient Trends - Risk Science & Application 75:3-5.

Wait, D; Verslycke, T. 2019

Expert insight: Uniform data quality ecotoxicity assessment.

In Natural Resource Damages: A Guide to Litigating and Resolving NRD Cases. (Israel, BD; Marston, B; Daniel, L), American Bar Association, Chicago, IL

Rice, JW; Hansen, BC; Wait, AD. 2018

Potential Adulteration Issues Associated with Edible Cannabis Products.

Presented at the IFT18 Annual Meeting & Food Expo, Chicago, IL

Wait, AD. 2018

Data quality challenges posed by citizen science.

Gradient Trends - Risk Science & Application 73:3.

Tcaciuc, P; Kneeland, JM; Wait, AD. 2018

Natural Gas Condensate Forensics: A Case Study.

Presented at the AEHS Foundation 35th Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water, and Energy, Amherst, MA

Verslycke, T; Wait, AD; Tuit, T; Hogan, T. 2017

Natural Resource Damages.

Presented at Gradient's Trends 68 Webinar.

Verslycke, T; Wait, D. 2017

Data quality in natural resource and environmental damage litigation.

Nat. Resour. Environ. 31:14-19.

Wait, AD. 2017

Data Quality in Natural Resource and Environmental Damage Litigation.

Presented at the Ad-Hoc Industry Natural Resource Management Group Web Conference Call

Wait, AD. 2017

Marine oil spill data quality.

Gradient Trends - Risk Science & Application 68:3-4.

Wait, AD; Ramsey, C; Maney, J. 2015

The measurement process.

Introduction to Environmental Forensics (Third Edition). (Eds.: Murphy, BL; Morrison, RD), Elsevier Ltd., Oxford, England

Wait, AD; Reid, KR; Occhialini, J; Todaro, J. 2010

Time travel, fabrication, manipulation, and spoliation: Threats to data quality.

Environ. Claims J. 22:171-183.

Wait, AD. 2010

Data quality and transparency in the dietary supplement industry.

Food Drug Law J. 65:471-487.

Lewis, AS; Beyer, LA; Langlois,, CJ; Yu, CJ; Wait, AD. 2008

Considerations in toxicology study design and interpretation: An overview.

Inside Aloe Online

Wait, AD; Ramsey, C. 2007

The measurement process.

Introduction to Environmental Forensics (Second Edition). (Eds.: Murphy, BL; Morrison, RD), Elsevier Academic Press

Wait, AD. 2007

An environmental overview of alkylphenol ethoxylates.

Presented at the National Ground Water Association Ground Water and Environmental Law Conference, Dublin, OH, July 24-25

Wait, AD; Maney, JP. 2006

Regulatory science and the Data Quality Act.

Environ. Claims J. 18:145-162.

Mattuck, R; Blanchet, R; Wait, D. 2005

Data representativeness for risk assessment.

Environ. Forensics 6:65-70.

Wait, AD. 2005

The impact of the Data Quality Act on environmental regulatory science.

In Proceedings of the 2005 NGWA Ground Water and Environmental Law Conference, July 21-22, 2005, Baltimore, MD. National Ground Water Association (NGWA) Press

Maney, JP; Wait, AD. 2005

The role of representativeness in the project life cycle.

Environ. Forensics 6:17-19.

Wait, AD. 2003

Understanding the Data Quality Act.

Chem. Eng. News 81:4-5.

Wait, AD. 2002

Challenges in producing defensible environmental chemistry measurements for litigation.

Environ. Claims J. 14:415-454.

Wait, AD. 2001

Environmental forensic chemistry and sound science in the courtroom.

Fordham Environ. Law J. 12:293-327.

Wait, AD. 2000

Evolution of organic analytical methods in environmental forensic chemistry.

Environ. Forensics 1:37-46.

Sorini, SS; Schabron, JF; Bowes, JR; Frisbie, SH; Butler, EL; Wait, AD. 2000

Field application of ASTM Method D5831 at fuel contaminated sites.

In "Proceedings of WTQA: Tthe 16th Annual Waste Testing & Quality Assurance Symposium, Arlington, VA." Waste Policy Institute, US EPA

Brilis, GM; Worthington, JC; Wait, AD. 2000

Quality science in the courtroom: U.S. EPA data quality and peer review policies and procedures compared to the Daubert factors.

Environ. Forensics 1:197-203.