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Kondziolka, JM; Zhao, S. 2020

The living site model.

Gradient Trends - Risk Science & Application 78:5,7.

Boyle, EA; Lee, JM; Echegoyen, Y; Noble, A; Moos, S; Carrasco, G; Zhao, N; Kayser, R; Zhang, J; Gamo, T; Obata, H; Norisuye, K. 2014

Anthropogenic lead emissions in the ocean: The evolving global experiment.

Oceanography 27:69-75.

Dodge, DG; Zhao, QJ; Haber, LT; Goodman, JE; Pagan, I; Foureman, GL; Rhomberg, LR. 2008

Case Studies for the Development of a Pathophysiological Progression Model: Fatty Liver.

Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, December 9-12