Select Projects

Water Quality Modeling:  Developed a water quality model in order to assess the risk of bacterial outbreaks and inform the safe design of a swimming pool filled with treated water from the East River tidal strait in New York City.

Environmental Modeling:  Aided in development of a transient, spatially resolved simulation of groundwater recharge at a former manufacturing facility in New York State contaminated with chlorinated solvents.  Led model documentation efforts.  Critically evaluated models of the site developed by non-Gradient scientists.

Source Allocation Assessment:  Estimated the contribution of multiple sources of polychlorinated biphenyls to contamination in a northwestern US watershed.  Reviewed historical documents to re-construct the history of contaminant use and disposal at multiple sites.

Site Assessment:  Performed site assessment and provided modeling support for an analysis of coal ash impoundments at 15 current and former coal-fired power plants.  This work was undertaken as part of an insurance cost recovery case motivated by recent legislation at the state and federal levels.

Computational Fluid Dynamics:  Developed and analyzed computational fluid dynamics models in order to assess the flammability risk associated with new refrigerant blends.

Forensic Analysis:  Performed forensic analysis of sample data collected at a Superfund site contaminated by dense nonaqueous phase liquids as part of an environmental liability assessment.

Modeling Support:  Analyzed results from a groundwater model to determine flow rates in a disputed aquifer as part of a water rights case.

Principal Component Analysis:  Performed principal component analysis on sample data collected at a former manufactured gas plant as part of an insurance cost recovery effort.

Selected Publications

Dale, A; Fant, C; Strzepek, K; Lickley, M; Solomon, S. 2017. “Climate model uncertainty in impact assessments for agriculture: A multi-ensemble case study on maize in sub-Saharan Africa.” Earth’s Future. 5:337-353.

Dale, A; Lowry, G; Casman, E. 2015. “Stream dynamics and chemical transformations control the environmental fate of silver and zinc oxide nanoparticles in a watershed-scale model.” Environ. Sci. & Tech. 49:7285-7293.

Dale, A; Lowry, G; Casman, E. 2015. “Much ado about α: Reframing the debate over appropriate fate descriptors in nanoparticle environmental risk modeling.” Environ. Sci: Nano. 2:27-32.

Dale, A; Casman, E; Lowry, G; Lead, J; Viparelli, E; Baalousha, M. 2015. “Modeling nanomaterial environmental fate in aquatic systems.” Environ. Sci. & Tech. 49:2587-2593.