Select Projects

Risk Assessments Related to Oil Production:  Evaluated human health risks from exposure to metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, and radionuclides in soil, water, and crabs at industrial properties.

Risk Assessment for Former Coke Plant:  Conducted a human health risk assessment under state voluntary remediation program.  Evaluated risks to workers, recreators, and residents exposed to contaminants in soil, surface water, groundwater, indoor air, trench air, and antelope.

Exposure Evaluation:  Evaluated exposures and potential health risks for workers who cleaned buildings near the site of a major disaster.  Estimated cumulative exposures for workers based on environmental sampling data and personal protective equipment worn by workers.

Human Health Risk Assessment:  Assessed potential human health risks associated with exposure to metals from a zinc smelter used as fill for county roads, bridge abutments, and drainage ditches.  Conducted a hand transfer study to quantify the transfer of metals from smelter material to hands.

Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments:  Conducted human health and ecological risk assessments on multiple receptors exposed to chemicals and radionuclides from a former nuclear power plant.

Ecological Risk Evaluation:  Determined the effectiveness of a pump and treat remediation measure in protecting ecological receptors from exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and chlorinated solvents in groundwater at a PCB Superfund Site.

Selected Publications

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