Select Projects

Human Health Risk Assessment:  Led the human health risk assessment and developed risk-based cleanup goals for a former manufactured gas site and adjoining residential and commercial properties in an urban area in North Dakota.

Air Monitoring Data Analysis:  On behalf of a solid waste facility, evaluated community ambient air monitoring data and potential odor impacts with respect to potential exposures in residents near a non-hazardous waste landfill.

Consumer Product Risk Assessment and Risk Communication:  Conducted hazard and risk assessments to determine safety of specific ingredients in personal care products.  Developed fact sheets to communicate findings to consumers.

Epidemiological Review and Analysis:  On behalf of a trade organization, reviewed epidemiology studies assessing associations between bisphenol A (BPA) and several health effects.

Cost Allocation Risk Assessment Support:  Provided guidance and risk assessment support on behalf of a cooperating potentially responsible party (PRP) group at a tidal waterway and marsh Superfund site to develop a fair and scientifically justified allocation of investigation and remediation costs.

Regulatory Comment and Risk Communication:  Provided written and oral comments to state governments on exposure and risk associated with crumb rubber products and their bearing on regulations for the use of synthetic turf.

Ecotoxicological Evaluation:  Developed a streamlined, yet environmentally protective, approach for a global pharmaceutical company.  Estimated predicated no effect concentrations (PNECs) for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that lack environmental toxicity data.

Selected Publications

Peterson, MK; Lemay, JC; Pacheco Shubin, S; Prueitt, RL. 2018. “Comprehensive multipathway risk assessment of chemicals associated with recycled (“crumb”) rubber in synthetic turf fields.” Environ. Res. 160:256-268.

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Goodman, JE; Prueitt, RL; Sax, SN; Lynch, HN; Zu, Ke; Lemay, JC; King, JM; Venditti, FJ. 2014. “Weight-of-evidence evaluation of short-term ozone exposure and cardiovascular effects.” Crit. Rev. Toxicol. 44:725-790.

Lemay, JC; Prueitt, RL; Hixon, ML; Goodman, JE. 2013. “Distinguishing Between Risks and Hazards: A Case Study of Bisphenol A.” Presented at the Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD, December 10, 13p.