Select Projects

Fate and Transport of Emerging Contaminants:  Evaluated potential PFAS sources and transport through groundwater for several cases regarding PFAS in public drinking water wells.  Assessed PFAS isomer profiles and biodegradation pathways of fluorochemicals and their precursors measured in a wide range of environmental media.

Geochemical Investigation:  Reviewed publicly available literature and data on lead isotope investigations for the identification and attribution of geological lead sources in a river watershed.

Environmental Cost Allocation:  Assessed and analyzed geochemical data for a Superfund site to facilitate the allocation of remedy cost among cooperating parties.  Reviewed the parties’ position and response papers in support of an equitable cost allocation.

Environmental Liability Assessment:  Reviewed historical industrial activities and environmental reserve estimates to evaluate the reasonableness of environmental liabilities in a complex cleanup site.

Groundwater Solute Transport Modeling:  Carried out transient groundwater flow and transport modeling using MODFLOW/MT3D for sulfate, boron, and arsenic from multiple coal ash surface impoundments to evaluate potential impacts to groundwater.

Hydrogeologic Assessment:  Analyzed hydrogeologic data to evaluate the migration of chlorinated solvents in groundwater across a large industrial Superfund site.

Remedial Investigation:  Carried out a comprehensive literature review to establish background standards and cleanup goals for metal(loids) in soil.  Identified the potential sources of metals to indoor dust.  Proposed a scientifically justified soil/dust remediation strategy near a former zinc smelter.

Selected Publications

Mozumder, MRH; Michael, HA; Mihajlov, I; Khan, MR; Knappett, PSK; Bostick, BC; Mailloux, BJ; Ahmed, KM; Choudhury, I; Koffman, T; Ellis, T; Whaley-Martin, K; San Pedro, R; Slater, G; Stute, M; Schlosser, P; van Geen, A.  2020. “Origin of groundwater arsenic in a rural Pleistocene aquifer in Bangladesh depressurized by distal municipal pumping.” Water Resour. Res. 56 : e2020WR027178.

Mozumder, MRH; Bostick, BC; Selim, M; Islam, MA; Shoenfelt, EM; Ellis, T; Mailloux, BJ; Choudhury, I; Ahmed, KM; van Geen, A.  2020. “Similar retardation of arsenic in gray Holocene and orange Pleistocene sediments: Evidence from field-based column experiments in Bangladesh.” Water Res. 183 : 116081.

Mihajlov, I; Mozumder, MRH; Bostick, BC; Stute, M; Mailloux, BJ; Knappett, PSK; Choudhury, I; Ahmed, KM; Schlosser, P; van Geen, A.  2020. “Arsenic contamination of Bangladesh aquifers exacerbated by clay layers.” Nat. Commun. 11 : 2244.

Khan, MR; Koneshloo, M; Knappett, PSK; Ahmed, KM; Bostick, BC; Mailloux, BJ; Mozumder, RH; Zahid, A; Harvey, CF; Van Geen, A; Michael, HA.  2016. “Megacity pumping and preferential flow threaten groundwater quality.” Nat. Commun. 7 : 12833.