California Draft 2018-2020 Safer Consumer Products Work Plan Issued

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February 15, 2018

On February 8, 2018, the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) issued a draft version of the 2018-2020 Work Plan for the Safer Consumer Products initiative. The Work Plan offers a general explanation for how DTSC selects specific product categories, including reviewing recommendations submitted from the public. The product categories DTSC will consider for future priority products consist of the following:

  1. Beauty, Personal Care, and Hygiene products;
  2. Cleaning products;
  3. Household, School, and Workplace Furnishings and Décor;
  4. Building products and Materials used in Construction and Renovation;
  5. Consumable Office, School, and Business Supplies;
  6. Food Packaging; and
  7. Lead-Acid Batteries

Note that product categories 1-5 are carried over from the 2015-2017 Work Plan, though the category names were modified for clarity and consistency with industry or regulatory naming conventions, or to adjust the category scope. For example, DTSC expanded the Household, School and Workplace category to include all of the State’s chemicals of concern rather than the flame retardants and stain repellants previously listed. DTSC indicated that the new food packaging category was inspired by a petition the Agency received to list BPA in food cans as a priority product, a petition the Agency denied in July 2017 due to a lack of detail. The categories dropped from the prior Work Plan are Clothing and Fishing and Angling equipment.

Listing of a product category does not indicate DTSC has decided to regulate any products within that category. The listing of a product category indicates DTSC intends to evaluate products within that category for selection as priority products in the following three years. DTSC will accept comments from potentially affected parties concerning the appropriateness of the categories before finalizing the Work Plan in the Spring. Only products that are eventually assigned as Priority Products, following stakeholder engagement through a formal rulemaking process, are subject to regulatory requirements.

DTSC is holding a public comment period on the Draft Work Plan from February 12, 2018 until March 9, 2018. DTSC will also lead a public workshop regarding the Work Plan on February 26, 2018, 10 am-noon PST.

A copy of the DTSC Work Plan can be obtained here.

Public comments on the Work Plan may be submitted starting February 12, 2018 through the CalSAFER website:

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