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Sustainability is the management and use of resources now in ways that do not negatively effect generations in the future.  Sustainability has become of paramount importance across the globe to a broad range of stakeholders, including citizens, consumers, manufacturers, governments, and investors. Sustainability captures a broad range of issues related to social justice, human health, and the environment.  It is increasingly important for companies to consider these issues across a product's entire life cycle – from raw material procurement to product design through manufacturing and disposal. Today, many companies have framed their sustainability goals in the context of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, which are rapidly becoming an important aspect of corporate investing and reporting – and may even one day become mandatory.  Building sustainability goals around ESGs helps to align consumer and corporate interests, while also providing a proactive approach and framework for addressing sustainability within an organization. Gradient scientists have the strategic vision and the technical expertise to assist companies in developing and achieving their sustainability goals.  Our approach to sustainability considers products, their ingredients, and manufacturing processes throughout the product life cycle, providing solutions for addressing climate impact, third-party certification, environmental justice, hazard assessment, alternatives assessment, etc.