Gradient Announces Expansion of Air Quality Services

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September 22, 2022

Gradient is pleased to announce that Chris DesAutels has joined the firm as a Principal Scientist. Chris is an air modeler with over 20 years of experience simulating the transport of air pollutants, conducting air quality modeling studies, and performing analyses of meteorological data. His experience covers a variety of applications and industry sectors, including transportation, agriculture, fugitive dust, odors, and dense gas releases. He has also been involved in air model software development and evaluation, including development work on the CALPUFF dispersion model.

In addition, Gradient welcomes Dr. Amy Hrdina who joins Gradient after completing a postdoc at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Hrdina is an atmospheric chemist with a broad background in materials and analytical chemistry. She has conducted several field campaigns monitoring criteria pollutants, along with studying atmospheric ammonia and its role in secondary particle formation.

These additions to our team complement Gradient’s robust capabilities in exposure modeling and risk assessment. See more on Gradient’s Air Quality services.