Gradient Presenting at Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting

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August 8, 2017

Gradient will present at the Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting on December 10-14, 2017 in Arlington, VA.

  • “Benzo(a)pyrene Toxicity Value Updates: Implications for Human Health Risk Assessment.” J. Chien, J. Lemay
  • “Comprehensive Multipathway Risk Assessment of Chemicals Associated with Recycled Rubber in Synthetic Turf Fields: An Update.” J. Lemay, M. Peterson, S. Shubin, R. Prueitt
  • “Exposures to Styrene from Food Packaging under CA Proposition 65.” R. Mattuck, Dubé, X. Liu, G. Greenberg
  • “Incorporating ToxCast and ExpoCast Data in Naphthalene Risk Assessment.” L. Bailey, L. Rhomberg
  • “Using GIS Data and Tools to Assess the Vulnerability of Industrial Facilities and Natural Resources to Flooding Events.” M. Mayo, S. Ikeda, N. Briggs, C. Petito Boyce, D. Mayfield.
  • “YPLL:  A Comprehensive Quantitative Tool to Evaluate Worker Risk Under Green and Sustainable Remediation.”
    G. Greenberg, B Beck
  • “Evaluation of ACGIH TLVs for Toluene Diisocyanate.” J. Goodman, H. Lynch, R. Prueitt, I. Mohar