Gradient Presenting at Society of Toxicology 2018 Annual Meeting

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December 11, 2017

Gradient will present at Society of Toxicology (SOT) 2018 Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX, March 11-15, 2018. 

  • “A Critical Analysis of the Toxicological Mode of Action of Automotive Brake Dust.”  T. Cook, M. Peterson, B. Beck.
  • “An Analysis of Uncertainties in Minnesota’s Reference Dose (RfD) and Health-based Value (HBV) Drinking Water Limits for PFOA and PFOS.”  D. Pizzurro, M. Seeley, H. Lynch, L. Kerper, B. Beck.
  • “A Safety Analysis of an Energy Drink.”  L. Beyer, M. Hixon, L. Kerper.
  • “Critical Evaluation of Thresholds for Respiratory Effects of Toluene Diisocyanate.”  H. Lynch, R. Prueitt, I. Mohar, J. Goodman.
  • “Critical Review of the Evidence for a Causal Association Between Exposure to Asbestos and Esophageal Cancer.”  M. Peterson, I. Mohar, T. Cook, A. Engel.
  • “Evaluation of Respiratory Cancer Risk from Dermal Exposure to Toluene Diisocyanate.”  R. Prueitt, H. Lynch, K. Zu, L. Shi, J. Goodman.
  • “Incorporating ToxCast Data into Naphthalene Human Health Risk Assessment.”  L. Bailey, L. Rhomberg.
  • “Interspecies Comparison of Perfluorinated Chemical Pharmacokinetic Parameters.”  M. Seeley, D. Pizzurro, B. Beck.
  • “Skin Sensitization Assessment for 1,796 Chemicals Extracted from Apparel Products.”  I. Mohar, J. Cohen, S. Pacheco Shubin, T. Lewandowski.
  • “Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Diazepam and Labor Duration.”  X. Liu, K. Zu, J. Goodman.
  • “Use of Clinical Data to Inform Risk Assessments of Food Additives:  A Case Study of Sodium Benzoate.”  K. Zu, J. Goodman, D. Pizzurro, T. Lewandowski.
  • “Evaluation of Interspecies Differences in Susceptibility to Thyroid Perturbation.” T. Lewandowski.
  • Derivation of Maximum Allowable Dose Levels for Bisphenol A.” J. Goodman, M. Peterson, M. Hixon, S. Pacheco Shubin
  • “Get the Lead Out: The Persistent Problem of Lead Exposure from Soil, Dust, and Water.” B. Beck, M. Seeley, R. Mattuck.