Partnerships For The Common Good

Teaming with The 300 Committee Land Trust to (Re)Map the Moraine Trail in Falmouth Massachusetts

Female hiker splashing through a forest stream

The Moraine Trail in Falmouth, Massachusetts traverses 11 miles of woodlands along the Buzzard’s Bay Moraine, offering visitors a unique Cape Cod hiking experience.   The trail is owned and maintained by The 300 Committee Land Trust (T3C) which is a private, non-profit land trust whose mission is to permanently preserve and protect open space in Falmouth.

Having accurate, up-to-date maps of properties and trails is a key component of successful land stewardship, conservation efforts, and community outreach.   Gradient provided our expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) database development and mapping to assist T3C by creating a new set of maps of the entire Moraine Trail that accurately represent the trail’s current conditions, routes, and relevant information (e.g., parking, points of interest, natural history, ecology, geology) that can be downloaded from the T3C website.   In addition, Gradient developed an online mapping environment called a Story Map that includes dynamic digital visualizations of the trail map and associated information, like a virtual walk on the trail.   The Story Map links to photos and videos captured at points of interest near the Moraine Trail.

TC3 hosts the updated map and Story Map on its website for the public to use as guides during hiking and virtual explorations.

About The 300 Committee Land Trust:  T3C is a private, non-profit land trust whose mission is to permanently preserve and protect open space in Falmouth.  The organization protects more than 500 acres of town land and private property through their stewardship program which includes a volunteer corps of land stewards, conservation restriction monitors, trail crew members, and dozens of additional outdoor workers who perform a variety of projects including litter cleanup, fence installation, invasive species removal, trail blazing, habitat improvement, and more.