Pipeline Incident Highlights Need for Data Integrity

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June 9, 2015

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Another Pipeline Incident Highlights Need for Data Integrity

Recent pipeline and rail accidents, like the incident in Santa Barbara, California, make clear the need for reliable, defensible data in advance of remediation and litigation.

California declares emergency after oil pipeline rupture fouls sea and beaches near Santa Barbara
~Washington Post. May, 21, 2015
The area, a popular camping spot some 20 miles from Santa Barbara, known for its palm tree-lined seashore and pristine surf, has been “closed indefinitely.” The extent of the damage is not known.

Ruptured pipeline spills 21,000 gallons of oil on California coast ~Reuters. May 20, 2015
A pipeline ruptured along the scenic California coastline on Tuesday, spilling some 21,000 gallons of oil into the ocean and on beaches before it could be secured, a U.S. Coast Guard spokeswoman said.

The Value of Sound Science

From developing Standard Operating Procedures and data quality management plans before an accident, to evaluating data quality post-spill, Gradient has expertise and experience that can help. Our services will help you to establish data that is accurate, precise, representative, sensitive, complete, and comparable. Our offerings also include managing and coordinating large datasets and developing custom databases.

Relevant Gradient Publication

Wait, AD; Ramsey, C, Maney, J. 2015. “Chapter 4 – The Measurement Process” in “Introduction to Environmental Forensics (Third Edition).”
Elsevier, Oxford, United Kingdom

Please contact Gradient to learn how our scientists can support the integrity of your data collection activities.

For more information on Gradient’s Data Quality Management Services, please contact:

A. Dallas Wait, Ph.D.

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