Gradient Scientists Publish Article on a Chemical Hazard-Based Scoring and Ranking Tool in Sustainability Journal

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June 30, 2014

Gradient scientists Tim Verslycke, Ph.D., Kim Reid, Teresa Bowers, Ph.D., and Ari Lewis, M.S. have recently published a peer-reviewed journal article that describes a new chemical hazard-based scoring and ranking approach, called the Chemistry Scoring Index (CSI). The article, “The Chemistry Scoring Index (CSI): A Hazard-Based Scoring and Ranking Tool for Chemicals and Products Used in the Oil and Gas Industry,” is being published in an upcoming issue of Sustainability and is currently available online. The paper describes a tool that comprehensively scores and ranks hazards to human health, safety, and the environment for products used in oil and gas operations. CSI scores are assigned to products designed for the same use on the basis of product composition as well as intrinsic hazard properties and data availability for each product component. As such, products with a lower CSI score within a product use group are considered to have a lower intrinsic hazard compared to other products within the same use group. The CSI provides a powerful tool to evaluate relative product hazards; to review and assess product portfolios; and to aid in the formulation of products. While initially developed for products used in the oil and gas industry, the CSI approach for product hazard scoring and ranking could easily be implemented more broadly, or further tailored, to serve specific needs of other types of industries or users.

A reprint of the article can be obtained by contacting the below author or via the Sustainability journal website, where a freely available copy is available.