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January 1, 1970

•  “Forest-fire Fine Particulate Matter and Daily Mortality in Greater Boston and NYC.” G. Tao, K. Zu, C.M. Long, J.E. Goodman, and P.A. Valberg.

•  “A Systematic Review of Asbestos-Induced Pleural Plaques and Lung Function.” L.E. Kerper, H.N. Lynch, K. Zu, G. Tao, M.J. Utell, and J.E. Goodman.

•  “Exposure Measurement Error and the Impact of Nutrition in Studies of Inorganic Arsenic and Cardiovascular Endpoints.” H.N. Lynch, M.W. Tumpney, and B.D. Beck.

•  “Using Professional Judgment to Validate Structural Alert-Based Predictive Toxicity.”  J. Zhang and J.M.

•  “Using PBPK Modeling to Evaluate the Concurrent Effects of Perchlorate, Other Goitrogens, and Iodine
on Thyroid Status.” M.K. Peterson, G. Charnley, and T.A. Lewandowski.
Awarded Top 10 SOT Risk Assessment Abstracts by the Risk Assessment Specialty Section of SOT

•  “Birth Defect Rates in High and Low Atrazine-Use States.” M.R. Seeley, S. Thakali, and J.E. Goodman.

•  “Quantitative Cancer Criteria for Inorganic Arsenic Exposure via Inhalation: A Nonlinear Approach.” L.A. Beyer, K. Zu, and A.S. Lewis.

•  “Evaluation of U.S. EPA’s Non-cancer Risk Assessment of Libby Amphibole Asbestos.” K. Zu, G. Tao, L.E. Kerper, L.R. Rhomberg, and J.E. Goodman.

•  “Ozone Exposure and Systemic Biomarkers: Evaluation of Evidence of Adverse Cardiovascular Health Impacts.”  S.N. Sax, D.M. Pizzurro, K. Zu, H.N. Lynch, R.L. Prueitt, and J.E. Goodman.

•  “Evaluation of Study Quality Criteria Frameworks.” R.L. Prueitt, H.N. Lynch, J.A. Tabony, N.B. Beck, J.E. Goodman, and L.R. Rhomberg.

•  “Tracking Translocation of Industrially Relevant Engineered Nanomaterials Across Alveolar Epithelial Monolayers in vitro.” J.M. Cohen, R. Derk, L. Wang, J. Godleski, J. Brain, and P. Demokritou.

•  “A Hierarchical Framework for the Selection and Development of Toxicity Criteria for the Evaluation of Potential Drinking Water Risks from Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids.” A.S. Lewis, M.R. Seeley, D.M. Pizzurro, M. Sharma, and S.A. Flewelling.

•  “Hypothesis-Based Weight-of-Evidence Evaluation and Risk Assessment for Naphthalene Carcinogenesis.”  L. Bailey, L.E. Kerper, M.A. Nascarella, and L.R. Rhomberg.
Awarded Best Abstract Award for 2015 by the Risk Assessment Specialty Section of SOT

•  “Examination of Multiple Dose-Response Analysis Methods for Estimating Dermal Cancer Risks for PAH Mixtures.” D.B. Mayfield, L.R. Rhomberg, and M.A. Nascarella.

•  “2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Gastric Cancer, and Prostate Cancer: Meta-Analyses of the Published Literature.” C.T. Loftus, J.E. Goodman, and K. Zu.