Select Projects

PFAS Source and Transport Evaluation:  Examined potential PFAS sources and transport through groundwater and their impact on a public drinking water supply.  Reviewed biotransformation literature in a meta-analysis to evaluate potential alteration of source materials.

Read-Across Assessment:  Determined read-across chemical analogs for substances without readily available toxicity data to ensure the safe use of chemicals and consumer products, minimize analytical costs and dependence on animal testing, and assist in compliance with hazard communication frameworks.

Airborne Pollutant Analysis:  Evaluated the potential for atmospheric transport of airborne pollutants based on meteorological data analysis.  Critically reviewed, evaluated, and summarized chemical fingerprinting, opposing expert reports.

Selected Publications

Hrdina, A; Kohale, IN; Kaushal, S; Kelly, JM; Selin, NE; Engelward, BP; Kroll, JH. 2022. “The parallel transformations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the body and in the atmosphere.” Environ. Health Perspect. 130:2.

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Ji, X; Zhao, J; Jung, S; Hrdina, A; Wolf, M; Yang, X; Vaarstra, G; Xie, H; Lu, A; Welsch, R; Wang, EN; Li, L; Cziczo, D; Kong, J. 2021. “Bottom-up synthesized all-thermal-catalyst aerogels for heat-regenerative air filtration.” Nano Lett. 21(19):8160-8165.

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Hrdina, A; Kroll, J; Kaushal S; Engelward, BP. 2021. “The Effects of Atmospheric Oxidation on the Mutagenic Potential of Benzo[a]pyrene Aerosol Particles.” Presented at the American Geophysical Union Assembly, New Orleans, LA, December 13-17.

Hrdina, A; Rowe, JC; Kaushal, S; Engelward, BP; Kroll, JH. 2021. “Evolving Toxicity of Heterogeneously Oxidized Benzo[a]pyrene Aerosol Particles.” Presented at American Association for Aerosol Research, virtual, October 18-22.

Hrdina, A; Kroll, J; Kohale, I; Engelward, BP. 2020. “The Parallel Fate and Transformation of Toxins in the Body and the Atmosphere.” Presented at the American Geophysical Union Assembly, virtual, December 1-17.