Select Projects

Metals Fate and Transport Modeling:  Prepared expert report related to the fate and transport of metal constituents in groundwater, including barium, boron, and arsenic, from multiple coal combustion residual surface impoundments.

Arsenic Fate and Transport Modeling:  Modeled the fate and transport of arsenic and other coal ash-related constituents in groundwater and surface water downgradient of a large Midwestern coal ash surface impoundment located in a karst environment.  Model simulations compared potential impacts to groundwater and surface water resulting from potential surface impoundment closure scenarios.

Surface Water Fate and Transport Modeling:  Prepared expert report on human health and ecological risks due to a potential spill of barged coal combustion byproducts (CCBs) on a large Midwestern river.  Modeled the fate and transport of key CCB constituents, including arsenic, in surface water for a range of spill scenarios and river flow conditions.  Estimated potential downstream concentrations at drinking water intake locations.

Groundwater and Solute Transport Modeling:  For a PRP group, developed a 3-D numerical groundwater and solute transport model for PCE at a Superfund site in New Hampshire.  Calibrated the model using approximately 10 years of data with review and oversight by US EPA and USGS.  Designed an optimization algorithm to develop optimal groundwater pump-and-treat system.

Metals Fate and Transport Modeling:  Evaluated technical approach used by US EPA to simulate the migration of arsenic, selenium, and other metals in groundwater from overlying coal combustion storage units.  Model analyses were included in regulatory comments submitted in response to US EPA’s 2010 Coal Combustion Product Risk Assessment.

Coal Ash Decision Framework:  Developed decision framework that aids utilities in selecting coal ash surface impoundment closure plans.  Framework considers impacts to groundwater, surface water, and air, as well as risks to workers and consumption of national resources.

Selected Publications

Lewis, AS; Bittner, AB; Lemay, JC.  2017. “Achieving Groundwater Protection Standards for Appendix IV Constituents: The Problem with Using Background Concentrations in the Absence of Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs).” Presented at the 2017 World of Coal Ash Conference (WOCA), Lexington, KY, May 8-11.

Lewis, A; Bittner, A; Radloff, K; Hensel, B.  2017. “Storage of coal combustion products in the United States: Perspectives on potential human health and environmental risks.” In Coal Combustion Products (CCP’s): Characteristics, Utilization and Beneficiation. (Eds.: Robl, T; Oberlink, A; Jones, R), Woodhead Publishing, Duxford, United Kingdom, p481-507.

Bittner, A.  2017. “Evaluation of Groundwater Protectiveness of Potential Surface Impoundment Closure Options.” Presented at the 2017 World of Coal Ash Conference (WOCA), Lexington, Kentucky, 20p.

Bittner, A.  2016. “A Retrospective Look at Remediation in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: And What Lessons We Can Apply to Remediation Projects in Other Emerging International Markets.” Presented at Battelle’s Tenth International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds, Palm Springs, CA, May 22-26, 17p.