Select Projects

Causation Analysis:  Evaluated the risk of cancer and non-cancer effects associated with occupational exposure to perchloroethylene and trichloroethylene. 

Causation Analysis:  Evaluated the risk of multiple cancer types associated with occupational exposure to diesel exhaust and other substances (e.g., asbestos, benzene, creosote, and herbicides). 

Human Health Risk Assessment:  Conducted a quantitative risk assessment that concluded that a mandated safety test of a children’s toy altered the product’s chemical structure, which led to unrealistic estimates of health risks to children from exposure to boron. 

Product Stewardship:  Reviewed and summarized the human and ecological health hazards of four-membered lactones and their hydrolysis products.  The hazard identification analyses involved using quantitative structure-activity relationship software.

Environmental Risk Assessment:  Generated a database of over 1,000 chemicals present in vehicle fluids or tires along with acute toxicity data in Puget Sound salmon in an assessment to identify chemicals that may be associated with a salmon mortality syndrome.

Chemical Product Evaluation:  Providing ongoing support to a city chemical reduction program by evaluating the hazard to human and ecological receptors, and exposure potential (e.g., persistence and bioaccumulation properties), of numerous pesticide and herbicide products.  The evaluations are used to identify and prioritize products for the city’s chemical reduction program.

Selected Publications

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