Select Projects

Regional PFAS Investigation:  Developed a system to identify and map likely sources of PFAS within a riverine watershed, including likely discharge pathways and relative contributions.  Assessed potential sources, regulatory drivers, and permit status.

Cost Allocation:  Developed technical models to allocate CERCLA remediation costs in an urban waterway, based on chemical sampling of PCBs, PAHs, and other contaminants.  Identified potentially responsible parties (PRPs) and performed assessments of historical industry releases to support allocation proposals.

Risk Evaluation for Pipeline Spills:  Used hydrocarbon fate and transport modeling to evaluate ecological and health risks posed by large, interstate pipelines.  Participated in meetings to convey results to regulators and stakeholders.

Radioactive Material Exposure Assessment:  Conducted community exposure assessments and provided expert support to toxic tort actions involving alleged releases from radioactive material disposal sites.  Quantified historical releases to various environmental media and individual dose reconstruction.

Assessment of Semiconductor Manufacturing Exposures:  Conducted occupational exposure reconstruction and assessment at historical semiconductor manufacturing facilities.  Developed individualized worker exposure assessments for manufacturing processes, including the use of glycol ethers.

Exposure Assessment for Airborne Release:  Conducted individualized exposure assessments for an airborne emergency incident.  Managed an extensive database of multi-organizational sampling data for multi-month exposures to a complex airborne chemical mixture.

Impacts of Oil/Gas Infrastructure:  Conducted a spatial assessment of oil and gas infrastructure across thousands of acres of low-lying lands and marsh areas.  Evaluated the impacts of such infrastructure on water quality and regional land loss.

Selected Publications

French-McCay, D; Robinson, H; Bock, M; Crowley, D; Schuler, P; Rowe, J. 2022. “Counter-historical study of alternative dispersant use in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill response.” Mar. Pollut. Bull. 180:113778.

Robinson, H; Gardiner, W; Wenning, R; Rempel-Hester, MA. 2017. “Spill impact mitigation assessment framework for oil spill response planning in the Arctic environment.” Int. Oil Spill Conf. Proc. 1:1325-1344.