Select Projects

Superfund Site Cost Allocation:  Evaluated the nature and distribution of contaminants, including PCBs, PAHs, and dioxins/furans at a complex sediment site.  Used sediment transport and environmental forensics analyses to characterize sources of contamination in support of equitable cost allocation.

PFAS Fate and Transport:  Evaluated potential sources and transport of PFAS in groundwater for multiple litigation cases concerning PFAS in drinking water.  Reviewed site-specific data on PFAS usage and historical operations, fate and transport characteristics of PFAS compounds, and environmental data to determine potential impacts on groundwater and surface water.

Chemical Transport Modeling:  Modeled chemical transport in an estuary using a hydrodynamic model (DYNHYD).  Evaluated impacts from potential sources by comparing modeled concentration distributions from various industrial sources with measurements.

Sustainability Analysis of Corrective Action Alternatives:  Developed an interactive decision tool to assess the relative performance of corrective action alternatives at coal combustion residual (CCR) sites using sustainability principles.

Coal Ash Regulatory Comment:  Critiqued US EPA’s proposed rule, risk assessment, and regulatory impact assessment for legacy CCR surface impoundments (SIs) and coal combustion residual management units (CCRMUs).  Critiques were provided as technical comments submitted to US EPA.

Selected Publications

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