Select Projects

Vapor Intrusion Assessment:  Investigated a collection of former industrial properties for potential vapor intrusion impacts.  Performed forensic data analyses to determine the likely source of chemicals detected in soil gas in a mixed-use neighborhood near one such former industrial facility.

Former Manufactured Gas Plant Operations Review:  Performed a detailed historical review of former manufactured gas plant (FMGP) operations as part of a cost allocation study.  Estimated the mass loadings of tar and PAHs from FMGP operations to the sediments of an urbanized water body.

Superfund Site Cost Allocation:  Developed a potentially responsible party (PRP) cost allocation for remedial design work.  Applied cost causation factors, including historical and forensic evaluations of contaminant releases to sediments of an urbanized water body.

Groundwater Assessment:  Provided technical and strategic support to a PRP group at a Superfund site to address a tetrachloroethylene (PCE) plume in groundwater.  Services have included overseeing remedial operations, planning and overseeing a remedy suspension test, and evaluating proposed amendments to the remedial approach.

Metals Contamination Assessment:  Identified and assessed potential sources of metals contamination in an industrialized watershed, including industrial discharges and municipal stormwater.  Provided a comprehensive review of the processes that influence metals contamination in sediments and the potential sources of this contamination.

Read-Across Chemical Determination:  Determined read-across chemical analogs for substances that have no readily available toxicity data to ensure the safe use of chemicals, minimize analytical costs and dependence on animal testing, and assist in compliance with hazard communication frameworks.

NAPL and Groundwater Assessment:  Evaluated chemical characteristics of groundwater and free product (NAPL) samples to help determine the timing of a gasoline release.

Selected Publications

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Rice, JW; Bals, T; Suuberg, EM; Burgess, R. 2014. “Use of LDPE Passive Samplers for Monitoring PAHs in the Water Column of a Suburban, Freshwater Oil-Spill Site.” Presented at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, November 18.

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