Select Projects

Product Stewardship:  Analyzed existing data and identified data gaps to support new chemical registrations in the US (Toxic Substances Control Act [TSCA]), EU (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals [REACH]), Australia, Japan, and China.  Coordinated with commercial laboratories to obtain the necessary test data.

Cost Allocation:  Coordinated a large, multidisciplinary project to evaluate equitable cost allocation options on behalf of a group of cooperating parties.  Directed efforts to analyze site data, compile historical information, and consider risk assessments in the context of cost allocation among different chemicals, sites, and parties.

Chemical Forensics:  Performed a multivariate data analysis on organic contaminant data to differentiate potential pollutant sources in support of an equitable cost allocation at a Superfund site with a long and complex history of industrial activity.

TSCA New Owner Audit:  As part of a new owner’s audit under TSCA, reviewed a portfolio of chemical products for regulatory compliance.  Oversaw the collection and evaluation of product composition data, chemical-specific regulatory restrictions, import/export transactions, and regulatory filings.

Landfill Permitting:  As part of a hearing regarding a proposed landfill expansion, evaluated potential impacts to surface water and groundwater from landfill leachate.  Reviewed data regarding leachate, groundwater, and surface water chemistry, in comparison to regulatory standards and permit conditions.  Prepared exhibits to be used in hearing testimony.

Forensics of Natural Gas Liquids:  Performed forensic analysis of hydrocarbons in fugitive nonaqueous phase liquid (NAPL) to evaluate claims of recent spills at a closed natural gas processing facility.  Oversaw data analysis, including ratio analysis and principal components analysis of PIANO data to compare hydrocarbon composition in groundwater monitoring wells to potential contamination sources.

Selected Publications

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