Select Projects

Superfund Site Remedial Investigation:  Directed an extensive multimedia (soil, groundwater, soil gas) investigation of chlorinated solvents released in a downtown residential/commercial area.  Report accepted by agencies (US EPA, DNREC) without comment.

Environmental Liability Cost Estimation:  Developed environmental liability cost estimates for a portfolio of sites using probabilistic modeling techniques, including stochastic (Monte Carlo) methods, and incorporated cash-flow modeling.  Estimates were prepared for regulatory disclosure and used for a settlement valuation.

Superfund Site Cost Allocation:  Developed PRP cost allocation involving former MGP and wood-treating operations.  Performed a forensic evaluation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH)/NAPL contaminant releases to sediment, which included a source-mixing model used for source apportionment.

Risk-Based Remediation Strategy:  Developed a conceptual risk-based remedy (dual-phase extraction) for soil and groundwater contamination at a former pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.  Coordinated the plant’s decommissioning and demolition.

NCP Consistency Evaluation:  Evaluated the NCP consistency of response actions performed at one of the nation’s largest groundwater NPL sites.

Reasonable and Necessary Cost Determination:  Provided expert testimony on the appropriateness of response costs allegedly incurred at a waste oil recycling site.

Remedy Cost Evaluation:  Evaluated the need for and environmental liability costs associated with a US EPA-led, time-critical removal action for a former MGP site.  Used probabilistic cost modeling techniques to develop a range of cost estimates for the proposed remedial actions in support of settlement negotiations.

Selected Publications

Herman, K; Flewelling, SA; Bittner, AB; Tymchak, MP; Swamy, M. 2015. “Alternate Endpoints for Remediating NAPL-Impacted Sites.” Presented at EPRI/AWMA Env-Vision Conference, Crystal City, VA, 19p.

Lewis, A; Bittner, AB; Herman, K; Dube, EM; Long, CM; Hensel, BR; Ladwig, KJ. 2015. “Framework for Evaluating the Relative Impacts of Surface Impoundment Closure Options.” Presented at World of Coal Ash (WOCA) 2015, Nashville, Tennessee, May 5-7, 3p.

Herman, K; Wannamaker, EJ; Jegadeesan, GB. 2012. “Sediment PAH allocation using parent PAH proportions and a least root mean squares mixing model.” Environ. Forensics 13:225-237.

Herman, K. 2012. “Environmental Liability Cost Estimation (ELCE) at MGP Sites.” Presented at the MGP Consortium, Savannah, GA, January 25, 28p.

Herman, KD; Bittner, A. 2010. “How Much Tar is in the Mud? Reducing Uncertainty in Characterizing the Distribution and Mass of DNAPL in Sediments.” EPRI MGP Symposium, San Antonio, Texas, 1p.