Select Projects

Database Development:  Developed a database and user interface to record hazard assessment conclusions and chemical registration details for thousands of products.  The system allows users to record hazard conclusions at the substance level, and it automates the hazard calculations for mixtures of substances.

Literature Review Dashboard:  Developed a dashboard tool to summarize the results of an epidemiology literature review, allowing studies to be selected by key elements of study design.

Review of Flame Retardant Levels in Dust:  Conducted a comprehensive review of the scientific literature on indoor dust levels of several flame retardants, and conducted statistical analyses to determine whether levels varied by type of indoor environment.  Published a summary of results in a peer-reviewed journal.

Review of Arsenic Levels in Food and Air:  Conducted a comprehensive review of the scientific literature on arsenic measurements in air and food to inform the state of knowledge of arsenic exposure through inhalation and diet.  Published a summary of results in a peer-reviewed journal.

Statistical Analysis of Exposure Data:  Evaluated relationships between metal exposures and health outcomes using data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).

Human Health Risk Assessment:  For toxic tort litigation, evaluated cancer and non-cancer risks from potential exposure to chlorinated solvents in private well water based on monitoring and private well data, as well as individual exposure information.

Cost Estimation:  Used probabilistic cost modeling tools to develop a total cost distribution, cash flow forecast, and expected value for a portfolio of utility sites.

Cost Allocation:  Used information about historical operations, waste disposal practices, and site characterization data to implement a multi-party cost allocation for past and expected future costs associated with the groundwater remedy presented in the Interim Record of Decision for a site in California.

Selected Publications

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Dodge, DG; Pollock, MC; Petito Boyce, C; Goodman, JE. 2009. “Review of brominated and halogen-free flame retardant levels in indoor dust.” J. Environ. Protect. Sci. 3:58-74.