Select Projects

Contaminant Fate and Transport:  Evaluated the fate and transport of pine tar dense nonaqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) and creosote DNAPL in an interbedded unconsolidated deposit aquifer system at a Superfund site in Florida.  Managed the remedial investigation and design efforts to address the pine tar contamination in groundwater, surface water and sediments.

PCB Fate and Transport:  Evaluated distribution and transport of DNAPL in stream sediments and floodplains at a Superfund site to determine whether DNAPL observed in a previously remediated area was the result of residual contamination or an ongoing release from a failed source control measure.

MGP Risk-Based Remediation:  Developed a risk-based site investigation and remediation strategy for an MGP site and adjoining properties in an urban residential/commercial area.

PFAS Cost Recovery:  Evaluated treatment technologies and estimated treatment costs for perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) affecting groundwater quality at public water supply wells in the context of a cost recovery matter.

Portfolio Liability Assessment:  Developed a site ranking methodology to assess the environmental liabilities and recommend next steps for a large portfolio of MGP sites based on factors such as historical operations, physical setting, site investigation/remediation, and third-party issues.

Superfund Site Cost Allocation:  Developed PRP cost allocation involving former MGP and wood treating operations.  Performed a fate and transport and forensic evaluation of PAH/NAPL contamination for source apportionment.

NCP Consistency Evaluation:  Evaluated the NCP consistency of response actions performed for wellhead treatment at public water supply wells.

PRP Search (Chlorinated Solvents):  Multi-faceted research effort to identify potential sources of chlorinated solvents in Long Island, New York.

Selected Publications

Swamy, M; Kondziolka, J; Herman, K. 2022. “Risk-Based Remediation Case Study – Former MGP Facility.” Presented at the MGP Conference, Chicago, IL, September 30.

Kondziolka, J; Swamy, M; Dale, A; Herman, K. 2022. “Weight-of-Evidence Approach to Estimate Release Timing at a Former MGP Site.” Presented at the MGP Conference, Chicago, IL, September 28.

Swamy, M. 2014. “Developing cleanup criteria in the absence of regulations.” Gradient Trends Risk Science & Application 59:3,5.

Swamy, M. 2013. “Risk-Based Remediation and Closure of a Petroleum Feedstock Affected Site in India.” Presented at the Battelle Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies, 19p.