Select Projects

Database Development:  Developed and maintained database and customized user interfaces.  The database allowed users to review information on a complex product tracking project and was flexible enough to respond to changing project needs.  Regularly added and updated data and maintained system to track changes.

Database Development:  Maintained communication with client, laboratories, and other consultants to retain standardized and reliable data sets.  Regularly added and updated data.  Worked with client to update database with changing project needs.

GIS and Spatial Analysis:  Displayed sediment data concentrations on an urban waterway to help identify source areas.  Modeled chemical concentrations in the waterway to determine extent of sediment remediation possibly needed.

Data and Document Validation:  Reviewed laboratory data reports and field notes for an oil spill characterization project on an accelerated schedule.  Validated laboratory data per US EPA National Functional Guidelines for Superfund Data Review.

Historical Information Review:  Evaluated potential sub-surface preferential migration pathways by reviewing detailed utility maps from a variety of digital and paper sources and compiling sources into a current map.  Confirmed unclear locations in the field by investigating storm drain locations and depths.

Remedial Investigation and Design:  Conducted air, soil vapor, soil, and groundwater sampling in businesses and residences at a vapor intrusion site.  Operated, maintained, and assisted in design of vapor remedial systems.  Validated laboratory data and managed database.  Mapped data to visualize plume with relation to residences and businesses.

Selected Publications

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Herman, K; Pollock, M; Zhao, S; Slagowski, N; Rice, J. 2023. “Identifying and Managing Uncertainty in Environmental Response Costs at Sediment Sites.” Presented at Battelle’s International Conference on the Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments, Austin, TX, January 9-12.

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