Select Projects

Contaminant Evaluation at a Superfund Site:  Evaluated the nature and distribution of contaminants near multiple properties at a complex sediment Superfund site.  Used spatial distribution analyses, chemical fingerprints, and historical records to connect remedy-driving chemicals with potential upland sources in support of equitable cost allocation.

Fate and Transport Assessment:  Evaluated the fate and transport of 1,4-dioxane on Long Island and the potential contribution of 1,4-dioxane from private septic systems to public water supply wells in Suffolk County.

Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Chemical Analysis:  Coordinated analytical laboratory testing of representative chemicals within a TSCA new chemical category.  Assisted with the interpretation of the test results and related communications with US EPA.

Statistical Assessment of Tetrachloroethylene (PCE) in Groundwater:  Provided technical and strategic support to a potentially responsible party group at a Superfund site to address a PCE plume in groundwater.  Statistically assessed PCE plume stability and trend analyses as part of a proposed amendment to the remedial approach (i.e., from active pump-and-treat to monitored natural attenuation).

Contaminated Sediments Evaluation:  Updated an existing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) forensics allocation model for contaminated sediments in an urban waterway.

Consumer Product Safety Chemical Analysis:  Applied read-across, structure-activity relationship (SAR) models, and other chemistry-related tools to ensure consumer product safety and reduce reliance on animal testing.  Authored reports supporting the use of read-across chemical analogs to predict the physiological behavior of chemicals that lack readily available toxicity data.

Selected Publications

Clyde, P; Lee, C; Price, R; Venkatesan, A; Brownawell, B. 2021. “Occurrence and removal of PPCPs from on-site wastewater using nitrogen removing biofilters.” Water Res. 206:117743.

Gobler, C; Waugh, S; Asto, C; Clyde, P; Nyer, S; Graffam, M; Brownawell, B; Venkatesan, A; Goleski, J; Price, R; Mao, X; Russo, F; Heufelder, G; Walker, H. 2021. “Removing 80%-90% of nitrogen and organic contaminants with three distinct passive, lignocellulose-based on-site septic systems receiving municipal and residential wastewater.” Ecol. Eng. 161:106157.