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Full Stack Web Development:  Developed and deployed a web application using Python to evaluate the relative impacts of different closure options for coal ash surface impoundments.

Database Design:  Developed and deployed a custom web database application using Python to serve a large team of toxicologists and chemists to provide hazard and risk evaluations for over 300 ingredients in a consumer product line.

Database Design:  Developed and deployed a web-based database application using Python to manage consumer product safety data that allows users to perform chemical hazard assessment.

Numerical Modeling:  Used probabilistic cost modeling tools to develop a total cost distribution, cash flow forecast, and expected value for a portfolio of utility sites.

Data Visualization:  Developed and maintained a web-based GIS application using ArcGIS Online to help communicate and visualize the results of multiple environmental investigations of a former industrial, urban area slated for mixed-used redevelopment.  The web-based mapping tool helped key stakeholders delineate subsurface hydrocarbon and nonaqueous phase liquid (NAPL) impacts, evaluate hypothetical contaminant fate and transport pathways, and characterize potential contaminant sources at a site that was once home to a railyard, manufactured gas plants, tar and roofing plants, a scrap-metal yard, and other industrial operations.

Database Management:  Built and managed comprehensive chemical databases for surface water, groundwater, soil, and fish tissue sampling using SQL to support a multi-watershed polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) source investigation in order to identify likely contributors of PCBs to areas where environmental concentrations were elevated.

Database Management:  Built and managed SQL databases for soil, soil vapor, and groundwater sampling to support modeling of groundwater flow and contaminant migration from historical releases.

Selected Publications

Zhao, S; Rice, J. 2022. “Digitizing the haystack: Using AI-powered text analytics.” Gradient Trends – Risk Science & Application.