Select Projects

Endocrine Disruption Evaluation: Developed and implemented a methodology to compile information regarding the endocrine disruption potential of a large portfolio of petroleum substances, following proposed European Union (EU) guidance.  Evaluated the compiled information using a heat map approach to provide a preliminary indication of the endocrine disruption potential among the substances and assign preliminary priorities.  Identified key uncertainties and data gaps.

Scientific State of Knowledge:  Developed a historical timeline of the scientific fields of ecotoxicology and bioaccumulation, and documented the growth in the scientific knowledge of ecotoxicity and bioaccumulation PFAS on the basis of a review of the scientific literature, public disclosures, and technical reports.  Described the basis for and the development of PFAS ecological water quality criteria.

Toxicological Risk Assessment (TRA) of Extractables and Leachables:  Conducted ISO compliant TRAs for chemicals identified in extracts of different catheter systems.  In accordance with ISO 10993-17 and US FDA guidance, identified toxicological data for relevant endpoints and used these data to derive chemical- and device-specific safety margins.

Toxicological Data Evaluation:  Compiled toxicological data to evaluate carcinogenicity and mutagenicity of chemicals of concern for Chemical Hazard Assessments per the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling (GHS) and the Cradle to Cradle Material Health Methodology.

Nitrate Exposure Evaluation:  Evaluated scientific literature to identify potential health effects related to nitrate exposure from poultry farm operations.  Reviewed medical records and other documents to identify potential health effects.

Air Pollution Literature Review:  Reviewed scientific literature on health effects associated with air pollution.  Evaluated morbidity and mortality rates across multiple geographic locations.

Exposure Variability Evaluation:  Conducted data analysis and data visualization to evaluate exposure variability of community members to metals in soil.

Selected Publications

Boomhower, SR; Long, CM; Li, W; Manidis, TD; Bhatia, A; Goodman, JE. 2021. “A review and analysis of personal and ambient PM2.5 measurements: Implications for epidemiology studies.” Environ. Res. 204:112019.

Temkin, A; Evans, S; Manidis, T; Campbell, C; Naidenko, OV. 2019. “Exposure-based assessment and economic valuation of adverse birth outcomes and cancer risk due to nitrate in United States drinking water.” Environ. Res. 176:108442. doi: 10.1016/j.envres.2019.04.009.