Spring 2018

Climate Change Impacts

In this issue of Trends, we discuss the evaluation of potential climate change impacts, including risks and vulnerabilities associated with shifting weather patterns and extreme weather events. The first Trends article examines the issue of climate change financial disclosures, demonstrating quantitative approaches that can be used to develop more robust disclosures of the potential financial risks of climate change. The second article discusses the evolving legal implications and complexities of assessing coastal vulnerabilities, such as erosion, increased storm frequency and flooding, damage to coastal infrastructure, and impacts to stormwater and wastewater treatment systems. The third article discusses extreme weather events and the stress they can cause to the environment, human health, and infrastructure.

Gradient contributors to this issue include Dr. Nicole Briggs, Kate Munson, M.S., E.I.T., Matt Mayo, M.S., GISP, CPG, P.G., Dr. Jeff Rominger, Dave Mayfield, M.S., DABT, BCES, and Ife Bamgbose, M.S. Joining us with a guest editorial is John Guttmann from the law firm of Beveridge & Diamond providing legal perspective on the topic of climate change.

We hope that this issue of Trends gives you insight into some of the current hot topics related to climate change impacts.

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