Spring 2020

Environmental Modeling

In this issue of Trends, we explore the topic of environmental modeling.

Our first article discusses the widespread use and increasing reliance on modeling in a broad range of scientific scenarios, including limitations and drawbacks to consider.  The second article provides several examples of novel but scientifically defensible environmental model applications that demonstrate the versatility and evolving capabilities of environmental modeling.  The third article introduces the concept of the living site model, how it can be applied, and its advantages.

Gradient contributors to this Trends issue include Drs. Jeffrey T. Rominger and Amy Dale; John Kondziolka, M.S.; Matthew Mayo, M.S., GISP, CPG, P.G.; and Shuo Zhao, M.S.  Contributing author Dr. Kelly G. Pennell of the University of Kentucky wrote the guest editorial on r vapor intrusion modeling.

We would also like to acknowledge the contributions of Bruce Jones, who has been the long-time graphic designer for our Trends newsletter.  After working on over 75 issues, he retired this winter.  Thank you, Bruce!

We hope this issue of Trends illuminates the myriad applications of environmental modeling and best practices for their use.

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