Spring 2021

Partnerships for the Common Good

Dear Colleague,

Gradient has partnered with various organizations, offering pro bono scientific counsel on projects that work toward the common good. In this issue of Trends, we highlight several of Gradient’s recent partnerships.

Our first article discusses the efforts of the Mystic River Watershed Association and the Friends of the Malden River to transform the Malden River into a recreational amenity; Gradient performed a human health risk assessment that helped turn these efforts into a success. The second article describes our water quality evaluation for the Friends of + POOL, a nonprofit that aims to build a water-filtering pool to provide swimmers with a safe and accessible way to enjoy New York City’s East River. The third article illustrates challenges faced by composters in evaluating compost sites and a toolkit Gradient developed to help tackle those challenges. The last article describes our partnership with the Humane Society of the United States to reduce the amount of animal testing in chemical safety assessments.

Contributors to this Trends issue include David E. Langseth, Sc.D., P.E., D. WRE; Jiayang Chien, M.P.H.; Lisa Bailey, Ph.D.; Julie C. Lemay, M.P.H.; and Amy L. Dale, Ph.D.

We have been honored to be a part of these projects, and we hope to partner with additional organizations in the future on important projects for the common good.  Related to this, Gradient is excited to embark on a new pro bono effort for the 300 Committee Land Trust of Falmouth, Massachusetts.  We will share more about this project as the work proceeds on the “Partnerships for the Common Good” page of our website.

Yours truly,

Chris Long, Sc.D., DABT and Kurt Herman, M.Eng., P.G.

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