Fall 2019

Scientific Integrity

In this issue of Trends, we pause from writing about a technical topic to address the increasingly challenged context within which scientists work. This issue will address scientific integrity.

The first article provides an overview of the importance of scientific integrity amidst rising public distrust, and outlines ways that integrity can be cultivated within the research and publication processes. The second article addresses tools intended to minimize bias in scientific research. Our final article explores the role that uncertainty plays in toxicology and risk assessment.

Gradient contributors to this issue in-clude Drs. Tim Verslycke, Lisa Bailey, Teresa Bowers, Lorenz Rhomberg; and Dave May-field, M.S. Joining us for our guest editorial is Trevor Butterworth, Executive Director of Sense About Science USA, who will discuss the ongoing controversy regarding the reproduc-ibility of scientific studies.

We hope that this issue of Trends will give you insight into the importance of integrity in scientific pursuits.

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