Winter 2019


In this issue of Trends, we discuss sediments, providing readers with an update (since we last discussed this topic 20 years ago in Trends Issue 15) on the complexities of sediment remediation and source identification/allocation.

The first article discusses the substantial costs and complexities associated with remediating sediments, the evolution of remediation methods over the last few decades, and future sediment management challenges, especially in the face of climate change. The second article discusses how scientists use age-dating and weathering techniques to understand the history of chemicals in sediment and to identify and allocate the sources of sediment impacts. The third article discusses the identification of appropriate background chemical concentrations and the impact that this has on defining cleanup goals at sediment sites.

Gradient contributors to this issue include Manu Sharma, M.S., P.E.; Drs. Jessie Kneeland, Jeffrey Rominger, Caroline Tuit, and Tim Verslycke; and Julie Lemay, M.P.H. Instead of a guest author, we decided to write the editorial ourselves with Kurt as author. It introduces ways to improve the evaluation of cleanup costs for complex sediment sites.

We hope that this issue of Trends provides you with insights on this topic.

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