Spring 2017

Water Rights

In this issue of Trends,  we focus on water rights. Largely stemming from population growth and standard of living increases, the demand for water has been growing, creating severe pressure on water supplies in many areas around the world. Meeting this demand will entail creative and critical thinking to expand, pump, re-route, and create useable water from limited and interconnected resources. Efforts are underway to quantify water’s value, anticipate effects of interventions, and define what is considered fair.

The first Trends article explores the increasing trend in global water consumption, how and where water is sourced and consumed, and how these issues contribute to water resource disputes. The second article addresses the question of “Who owns the rain?” The link between aquifers and streams as a single, connected resource and how one evaluates groundwater pumping impacts on surface water is the topic of the third article.

Gradient contributors to this issue include Dr. Samuel Flewelling; Matthew Tymchak, M.S., and Dr. Mason Stahl; and Drs. David Langseth and Ali Boroumand. Joining us with a guest editorial on economic analysis of water resources is Dr. Gina Waterfield from the Brattle Group.

We hope that this issue of Trends provides you with insights on water rights.

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