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Third-Party Profiling

Gradient is an authorized third-party profiler for several notable chemical and product assessment frameworks, including US EPA Safer Choice, Clean Production Action (CPA) GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals, and ChemFORWARD.  Our significant human and ecological toxicology expertise and our experience performing thousands of chemical hazard assessments provides the foundation for these services, which greatly complement and enhance company product stewardship and sustainability programs.  In addition, GreenScreen® and ChemFORWARD are useful tools for identifying and selecting chemical alternatives.  We have implemented these assessment tools across a variety of contexts working with numerous stakeholders, including state governments, international companies, trade associations, consumer product manufacturers, and chemical manufacturers and formulators.

US EPA’s Safer Choice

Gradient is a qualified third-party profiler of US EPA’s Safer Choice program, which helps consumers identify products with lower inherent hazard and more sustainable chemical ingredients.  Previously known as US EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) label, the Safer Choice label may be found on many commercially available products used in households, schools, hotels, offices, and sports venues.  Some examples of Safer Choice-certified products include all-purposes cleaners, car care products, carpet cleaning products, dish soaps, laundry products, odor removers, pet care products, window cleaners, floor care products, and many others.  Gradient has assisted numerous manufacturers in obtaining the label for their products.

Manufacturers interested in applying for the Safer Choice label would submit their product information to Gradient via US EPA’s Safer Choice Community database after entering into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).  As a third-party profiler, we will evaluate the available hazard information for each product ingredient, compare our findings to the Safer Choice criteria, and generate a profile for each chemical.  For proprietary or trade-name ingredients, Gradient will contact suppliers directly to obtain necessary information.  We will also review the company’s data on product performance, packaging, and other Safer Choice required attributes.  If we determine that the product meets the Safer Choice Standard, we will submit the information to US EPA with permission from the manufacturer, who will then verify whether the product is eligible to display the Safer Choice label.

If you are interested in learning more about obtaining the Safer Choice label, please visit US EPA’s website or contact Gradient’s Kim Reid at or (617) 395-5577.


GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals

Gradient is a licensed third-party profiler for Clean Production Action (CPA) GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals.  Applying this globally recognized tool, Gradient helps clients identify and categorize chemical and material ingredients and make informed decisions about alternatives.  Along with the benefit of identifying potential hazards and safer alternatives for improved products, GreenScreen assessments can also be used in product stewardship and sustainability applications.

The GreenScreen approach is implemented in several certification programs, including:

For more information, please see CPA’s GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals program website.


Gradient is a qualified assessor for ChemFORWARD and ChemFORWARD SAFER, which provide access to a database of chemical and trade name raw material hazard assessments.  Gradient has contributed chemical hazard assessments to several portfolios, including flame retardants, plasticizers, preservatives, and ultraviolet (UV) filters.  For further information, visit the ChemFORWARD website.

Sample Projects

Safer Chemical Ingredient Listing (SCIL) Ingredient Assessments

For a US-based cleaning product trade association, Gradient performed Safer Chemical Ingredient List (SCIL) assessments of eight surfactant chemicals used in the cleaning product industry.  The review involved a comprehensive evaluation of all relevant physical, chemical, human health toxicological, and ecotoxicological data for the chemicals against the Safer Choice Standard.  In addition, we created a report summarizing our findings, including recommendations for submitting the completed SCIL chemical profiles to US EPA for Safer Choice review and approval.

Safer Choice Review – All-Purpose Cleaner

For a cleaning product manufacturer, Gradient performed a Safer Choice full product review of an all-purpose cleaner.  As part of the review, Gradient prepared chemical profiles of the product ingredients, reviewed comparative product performance testing results, etc.  Gradient submitted the product review findings and application to US EPA Safer Choice for review, and the product was approved for an industrial institutional Safer Choice label.

ChemFORWARD SAFER Plasticizer Assessment

For a chemical manufacturing company, Gradient assessed two plasticizers for submission to ChemFORWARD’s SAFER program.  We assessed the product ingredients using existing chemical hazard assessments, and used read-across to identify suitable surrogates for data-poor impurities identified in the plasticizers.  The plasticizers met the strict criteria to pass a ChemFORWARD SAFER assessment and were submitted to the ChemFORWARD database.

GreenScreen Assessment of Flame Retardant

Gradient was retained by a trade association to conduct a GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals assessment for decabromodiphenyl ethane, a flame retardant.  The full GreenScreen assessment involved review of all relevant human and ecological toxicological endpoints and assignment of a final GreenScreen benchmark score.  The GreenScreen assessment will be used to communicate potential hazards to third parties.

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