Select Projects

Subsurface Modeling:  Provided expert testimony on the timing of a subsurface petroleum leak from an underground pipe.

Contamination Analysis:  Performed a forensic analysis of contamination from multiple point sources in an estuary located in a heavily populated area.  Contaminants included PAHs, PCBs, dioxin/furans, and metals.  The forensic analysis was used to provide a scientifically sound cost-allocation model for use in negotiations.

Groundwater Analysis:  Developed a conceptual framework for the movement of herbicides from their application point to groundwater supplies, and through the subsequent retention and slow release over a multi-decade timescale.  Analyzed multiple sites with disparate hydrology using several national databases.

Sediment and Chemical of Concern (COC) Transport:  Evaluated hydrodynamics, sediment transport, and multi-decade movement of COCs at a complex environmental cleanup site with multi-decade history and multiple COCs to support equitable and scientifically justified cost allocation among cooperating parties.

Chemical Migration Modeling:  Modeled the sorption, desorption, and movement of chemicals in building materials and indoor air.

Environmental Modeling:  Modeled the transport of treated effluent from the land surface to the groundwater beneath a chemical manufacturing facility.  Analyzed the effluent concentrations and discharge practices and modeled the vadose zone transport and degradation of the chemical of interest under a range of environmental conditions.

Leachate Assessment:  Modeled the transport of leachate from surface impoundments in the continental US within a probabilistic framework for a wide range of climatic and site conditions.  Our results provided estimated durations for interactions between the impoundment leachate and nearby surface and groundwaters.

Selected Publications

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