Service Area

Climate Change

Gradient scientists help clients plan for and address climate change impacts.  Our experts evaluate potential challenges, including water resource issues, air and water quality impacts, and human health and ecological risks, as well as communicate with stakeholders.  Our key skills include:

  • Site vulnerability assessments
  • Portfolio vulnerability assessments
  • Interpretation of downscaled climate data
  • Air, water, and sediment modeling
  • Hydrological and reservoir storage modeling
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)-based spatial analysis and visualization
  • Human health and ecological risk assessment
  • Risk communication

Sample Projects

Water Rights Evaluation

Gradient provided expert evaluation and testimony in a water rights case filed in the Supreme Court of the United States.  We used hydrological modeling and data analysis to assess historical changes in water use, groundwater conditions, and stream flows, including whether historical changes to climate had impacted the hydrologic cycle.

Risk Assessment of Refrigerants with Reduced Global Warming Potential

Gradient assessed the utility and risks of using refrigerants with low global warming potential in retail store and commercial kitchen applications.  We determined potential exposure risks and evaluated potential chemical leakage and dispersion using simulations and chemical testing.

Regulatory Evaluation of the Federal Clean Power Plan

Gradient reviewed the approach used to calculate health co-benefits when assessing impacts of the federal Clean Power Plan.  We evaluated the scientific validity of the models, data sources, and assumptions underlying the calculations, as well as the role of the co-benefits estimates in the program cost-benefit analysis.

Seawater Intrusion into an Irrigation Well

Gradient evaluated the potential for saltwater intrusion into an irrigation well on Cape Cod, MA, using site-specific groundwater data, well-specific pumping information, and theoretical calculations.

Risks Associated with Hybrid Vehicle Batteries

Gradient reviewed a document describing the potential hazards associated with electric vehicle battery components (and their potential breakdown products), focusing on relevant health effects data and regulatory exposure limits.

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