Select Projects

Significant Nexus Evaluation:  For a Clean Water Act (CWA) case, evaluated the hydrology of drainage features at a site in relation to Significant Nexus allegations.

Water Rights Dispute:  Provided technical evaluation and expert testimony for an equitable water allocation request before the US Supreme Court (Original Action 142).  Evaluations included assessments of watershed hydrology, groundwater flow, human water consumption, and reservoir operations.

Hydraulic Fracturing Risk Evaluation:  Evaluated the potential effects of hydraulic fracturing (HF) of deep shale formations on potable aquifers, including the migration of HF additives through fractures and intact bedrock.  The combination of a literature review and modeling analyses allowed for the estimation of the likelihood for HF additive migration beyond the target shale zone.

Pesticide Fate and Transport:  Modeled the biodegradation of a wide range of pesticides in soils to determine pesticide residue levels expected from historical applications.  The analysis was used in negotiations over the need for additional sampling and site investigation.

Radionuclides in Drinking Water:  For a toxic tort case, analyzed natural and anthropogenic sources of radionuclides to a coastal aquifer and the dominant transport mechanisms downgradient of an industrial facility.

DNAPL Source and Release Timing:  At a complex multi-PRP site in the Northeast, analyzed the fate and transport of PCB and chlorinated solvent DNAPLs as part of an evaluation regarding the sources, release timing, and impacts to streams bordering the site.  The analysis considered DNAPL migration through underground pipes, fractures, and sand seams.

Selected Publications

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Gu, C; Hornberger, GM; Mills, AL; Herman, JS; Flewelling, SA. 2007. “Nitrate reduction in streambed sediments: Effects of flow and biogeochemical kinetics.” Water Resour. Res. 43:43-52.