Fall 2021

Renewable Energy

Dear Colleague,

In this issue of Trends, we discuss the topic of renewable energy.

Our first article gives an overview of the current status and future trends of renewable energy. The second article discusses electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) associated with offshore wind projects, including concerns about how EMFs might affect both humans and marine life. The third article describes how the increasing demand for lithium for use in batteries necessitates increased scrutiny from regulators. Our guest editorial, contributed by Dan Chorost of Sive, Paget & Riesel, provides an update on the fast-paced progress of offshore wind farms in the US.

Gradient contributors to this Trends issue include Matthew P. Tymchak, M.S.; Christopher M. Long, Sc.D., DABT; Jiayang Chien, M.P.H.; and Karrie A. Radloff, Ph.D.

We hope this issue of Trends brings you an increased understanding of renewable energy, a topic likely to see high levels of interest for years to come.

Yours truly,

Kurt Herman, M.Eng., P.G. and Chris Long, Sc.D., DABT

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