Fall 2021

What’s New at Gradient

Awards and Announcements

Tim Verslycke will serve as Vice President of the newly established International Board of Environmental Risk Assessors (IBERA).

Rajib Mozumder was invited to join the editorial board of Journal of Hydrology (ELSEVIER).

Barbara D. Beck was selected to serve on the US EPA Science Advisory Board and the Chemical Assessment Advisory Committee under the new Administrator, Michael S. Regan.


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Upcoming Presentations

42nd ACT Meeting. November 14-17, 2021. Washington, D.C.

  • “Toxicology-based Exposure Limits for Residual HEK-293T Cell DNA and Protein.” I. Mohar, T. Lewandowski

SETAC North America 42nd Annual Meeting. November 14-18, 2021. Portland, OR.

  • “Looking Beyond the CAS Number: Considering Form Specificity in Hazard Assessment of Metals.” C. Marsh, K. Reid, C. Claytor
  • “Microplastics in the Terrestrial Environment: Is there a real threat and risk?” I. Bamgbose
  • “Lessons Learned from Conducting Alternatives Analyses Under California’s Consumer Products Program.” J. Zhang, J. Cohen, T. Lewandowski
  • “West Coast States and Taking Different Approaches to Alternatives Assessment.” T. Lewandowski, J. Zhang, J. Cohen