Winter 2024

US Manufacturing and Mining

Dear Colleague,

In this issue of Trends, we provide several articles on the topic of US manufacturing and mining.

Our first article describes the actions being taken by the clean energy industry to address environmental challenges.  The second article discusses the CHIPS and Science Act and the environmentally responsible growth of the semiconductor industry.  The third article explores recent developments in updating occupational exposure levels (OELs) for copper.  Our fourth article, authored by Dr. Karrie Radloff, Metals and Mining Engineer at Allonnia, looks at the new ways recycling and waste reclamation are being used to help restore domestic rare earth elements (REE) supply chains.

Gradient contributors to this Trends issue include Chris Long, Sc.D., DABT; Chase H. Butler, M.S.; David G. Dodge, M.S., DABT, CIH; and Charlotte Marsh, M.S., CPPS.

We hope this issue of Trends highlights the significant advancements being made in US manufacturing and mining.

Yours truly,

Chris Long, Sc.D., DABT, and Kurt Herman, M.Eng., P.G.


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